The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research’s Israel and Jewish world-related publications deal with the Arab-Israel conflict, Middle Eastern politics, the nature of Islam and Islamism, and the Holocaust and Holocaust revisionism. Other key concerns include the Palestinian issue and human rights, antisemitism in Europe and the United States, the delegitimation of Israel, Iran and nuclear weapons, and the role of the United States and Europe in regional politics and international affairs.

   Our daily e-mail Isranet Briefings cover the above topics as well as Arab world politics and economics, Jews, Judaism and the status of Jerusalem, Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

The Wednesday Briefing collects “Weekly Quotes” and “Short Takes” touching, inter alia, on protest in Syria and Iran, the regional nuclear issue, Arab politics, the boycott and sanctions movement, the role of European antisemitism, the Arab rebellions and protest movements in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Bahrain and Yemen, Russian, French and British involvement in the Middle East, and so on.

Friday Briefings usually emphasize Jewish history and culture, reviews of books on Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, debates concerning the Middle Eastern conflict and peace process, and letters on regional issues and international affairs from CIJR’s world-wide readership.

The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research’s quarterly ISRAFAX print magazine deals with Middle East regional conflict and international politics, Iran and nuclear weapons proliferation, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and the West Bank, the United Nations and the Middle East peace-process, Israel, Palestine and human rights, Hezbollah, Lebanon and terrorism, the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement, the status of Jerusalem, Holocaust revisionism, Auschwitz denial, and he new global antisemitism focused on the State of Israel.

Our monthly on-line website Israzine journal focuses on a key Israel- or Middle East-related issue examined in depth. Recent Israzine topics include the delegitimation of Israel, the Arab Spring rebellions, the new global antisemitism, Islamic terrorism, Israel’s economic development, Jerusalem as Jewish capital, human rights in Arab lands, Christian-Islamic conflict, Iran and support for Syria and for Hezbollah in Lebanon, the nuclear weapons question, the role of the United Nations, and so on.

Dateline: Middle East is CIJR’s student magazine. Published uninterruptedly over the last twenty-five years, it has addressed Israel’s role in international affairs, global antisemitism and delegitimation, traditional Jewish and modern Israeli music, the regional economy, the status of Jerusalem, human-rights in Arab and Islamic countries, and Iran and nuclear proliferation.

Communiqué Isranet is CIJR’s French-language weekly e-mail briefing, covering Israel, Jewish, and Arab world issues, the role of France and the European Union in the Middle East, Holocaust revisionism, antisemitism and delegitimation, nuclear weapons proliferation and the United Nations, Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Judaism and islam, the Syrian and Arab rebellions, U.S. and Canadian government policy, civil rights in the region, and Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s capital are among the many issues covered weekly.

Finally, CIJR’s newest website publication is its weekly IsraBlog, opinion-pieces on Israel, Jewish, and Arab Middle Eastern and international affairs issues written by the Institute’s internationally-respected academic Fellows. Open to our international readers’ comments, True North Blog focuses on key subjects like the status of Jerusalem, Auschwitz and the Holocaust as civilizational metaphors, Israel and the Palestinian state issue, foreign policy, human rights and the Arab rebellions, Islamism and Judaism, and regional politics involving Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as the European Union, the US, India and Russia.